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OpenFMB HMI is a Human Machine Interface web-based application used to design single-line diagrams with control and monitor capabilities.


  • Diagram management:

    • create/update/delete diagrams
    • export/import diagram
  • Diagram designer:

    Design mode is used to design single-line diagrams. Electrical symbols are dragged and dropped into the design canvas. Symbols are then connected together to make a meaningful single- line diagrams representing an electrical distribution infrastructure. Symbols can then be mapped to specific OpenFMB data points for the real-time display of information from microgrids, substations, etc.

  • Run-time mode:

    Run-time mode is diagrams in action supervising data and/or controlling the underlined microgrid or substations.

  • User management:

    • create/update/delete users

    • role assignment

      • viewer role: read-only

      • engineer role: viewer role + create diagram

      • admin role: engineer role + user management