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Release Notes

OpenFMB Adapter 1.0

  • OpenFMB 2.0 data model
  • OpenFMB Adapter: DNP3 and MODBUS
  • OpenFMB Adapter Configuration Tool
  • OpenFMB HMI
  • OpenFMB Protobuf Exporter

OpenFMB Adapter 2.1

NOTES: The version is bumped to 2.1 to match with the OpenFMB 2.1 data model.

OpenFMB Adapter:

  • Supports the latest OpenFMB v2.1 data model, offering:
    • Grid Code functions for DER
    • Discrete controls for ESS and Solar
    • Capability profiles to advertise device nameplate and rating information
  • Provides an extension to the OpenFMB Adapter Framework:
    • Enhances an existing OpenFMB Adapter Framework by extending its capabilities to support multiple protocols, regardless of the programming language used
    • Leverages the existing OpenFMB Adapter Framework's functionalities, such as MQTT, NATS, DNP3, MODBUS, and more
    • Promotes interoperability and compatibility across different systems and protocols
  • Utilizes the OpenFMB Adapter Extension to incorporate various new protocols:
    • OCPP 1.6
    • ICCP client and server (IEC60870-6)
    • IEC-61850 client and server, both GOOSE and MMS
    • OpenADR
    • SEP 2.0 (IEEE 2030.5)
  • Sample code for writing an extension
  • Bugs and enhancements:
    • Fixed regex to search for known fields in the historian archiver
    • Fixed a bug that failed to handle NaN in DNP3 analog inputs
    • Handled grid code curve points
    • Allowed optional configuration node for backward compatibility
    • Added the ability for the historian database to store data at a configurable interval (ex. Store data every 30 secs)
    • MODBUS master: Write multiple registers for float field types
    • Schema writer to include file and version information

OpenFMB Adapter Configuration Tool:

  • Supports the latest OpenFMB v2.1 data model
  • Provides suggestions to migrate configuration to OpenFMB 2.1
  • Bugs and enhancements:
    • Migration dialog to help migrate from version 2.0 to 2.1
    • Fixed scale factor with the wrong decimal places
    • Fixed cut-off layout on profile selection control


  • Supports the latest OpenFMB v2.1 data model
  • Bugs and enhancements:
    • Added a visibility property to hide/show based on specific data conditions
    • Used windows.location for host information instead of reading from the configuration file
    • Removed redundant configuration items
    • Multi-arch docker build