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Log Plugin

The log plugin enables the user to monitor the messages that are sent to the internal bus by printing them to the console or to a file. It can be useful for debugging purposes.


  • log_debug_string: when set to true, all messages will be printed using Protobuf DebugString method.
  • filters: a list of profiles to print
    • profile: name of the profile to monitor
    • name: conducting equipment identifier
    • path: path of the file to which values will be appended
    • print_alias: if true, the alias of the values will be printed to the file
    • log_all_values: if true, all the value of this conducting equipment will be printed to stdout.
    • values: list of values to extract from the profile
      • tag: path of the value in the profile. e.g. ""
      • alias: alias that will optionally be printed with the value
      • digits: number of digits to keep

Here's an example of a configuration:

enabled: true
log_debug_string: true # log the entire protobuf debug string for every profile
- profile: MeterReadingProfile
name: "test" # conducting equipment name
path: values.txt # file to which values will be appended
print_alias: true
log_all_values: false
- tag:
alias: W
digits: 0
- tag: meterReading.readingMMXU.PPV.phsAB.cVal.mag.f.value
alias: Vab
digits: 1
- tag: meterReading.readingMMXU.PPV.phsBC.cVal.mag.f.value
alias: Vbc
digits: 1
- tag: meterReading.readingMMXU.PPV.phsCA.cVal.mag.f.value
alias: Vca
digits: 1
- tag: meterReading.readingMMXU.Hz.mag.f.value
alias: Hz
digits: 3