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DNP3 Outstation

The dnp3-outstation plugin exposes OpenFMB measurements as a DNP3 outstation for non-control OpenFMB profiles. It also maps DNP3 commands to OpenFMB control messages.

General Configuration#

  • name: Name used in the logs to identify the communication session.
  • channel
    • listen-adapter: Network adapter to use to establish a TCP connection (typically
    • port: TCP port on which the outstation will be listening
  • protocol
    • master-address: DNP3 link-layer address of the master (the remote device)
    • outstation-address: DNP3 link-layer address of the outstation (the adapter)
    • enable-unsolicited: support for DNP3 unsolicited responses
    • confirm-timeout-ms: DNP3 confirmation timeout (in milliseconds)
    • default-static-variations: default static variations
      • binary-input: possible values:
        • Group1Var1 (packed)
        • Group1Var2 (with flags)
      • analog-input: possible values:
        • Group30Var1 (32-bit with flags)
        • Group30Var2 (16-bit with flags)
        • Group30Var3 (32-bit without flags)
        • Group30Var4 (16-bit without flags)
        • Group30Var5 (32-bit float with flags)
        • Group30Var6 (64-bit double with flags)
      • counter: possible values:
        • Group20Var1 (32-bit with flags)
        • Group20Var2 (16-bit with flags)
        • Group20Var5 (32-bit without flags)
        • Group20Var6 (16-bit without flags)
    • default-event-variations: default event variations
      • binary-input:
        • Group2Var1 (without time)
        • Group2Var2 (with absolute time)
        • Group2Var3 (with relative time)
      • analog-input:
        • Group32Var1 (32-bit without time)
        • Group32Var2 (16-bit without time)
        • Group32Var3 (32-bit with time)
        • Group32Var4 (16-bit with time)
        • Group32Var5 (32-bit float without time)
        • Group32Var6 (64-bit double without time)
        • Group32Var7 (32-bit float with time)
        • Group32Var8 (64-bit double with time)
      • counter:
        • Group22Var1 (32-bit with flags)
        • Group22Var2 (16-bit with flags)
        • Group22Var5 (32-bit with flags and time)
        • Group22Var6 (16-bit with flags and time)

Non-control Profiles#

Non-control profiles (reading, status, etc) are mapped to DNP3 measurement points. When the message is received on the internal message bus, it updates the internal DNP3 database and masters polling the outstation will read the updated points.


OpenFMB Boolean values can be mapped to DNP3 binary inputs. If negate is set to true, the OpenFMB value is negated before updating the DNP3 outstation.

bool-field-type: mapped
destination-type: binary # {none, binary}
index: 10
negate: false

Int32 and Int64#

OpenFMB int32 and int64 values can be mapped to a DNP3 analog input or a DNP3 counter. A scaling value can also be specified.

int32-field-type: mapped
destination-type: analog # {none, analog, counter}
index: 10
scale: 1000
int32-field-type: mapped
destination-type: counter # {none, analog, counter}
index: 10
scale: 1000


OpenFMB float values can be mapped to a DNP3 analog input. A scaling can be applied to the value.

float-field-type: mapped
destination-type: analog # {none, analog}
index: 10
scale: 1000


OpenFMB enumerations can be mapped to DNP3 binary or analog points.

A list of each enum variant is specified with the desired boolean or integer value.

If the received OpenFMB enumeration variant is not mapped to any value, the point is reported as offline to indicate a misconfiguration.

enum-field-type: mapped
destination-type: binary # {none, binary, analog}
index: 10
- DynamicTestKind_none: false
- DynamicTestKind_testing: true
- DynamicTestKind_operating: false
- DynamicTestKind_failed: true
enum-field-type: mapped
destination-type: analog # {none, binary, analog}
index: 10
- DynamicTestKind_none: 0
- DynamicTestKind_testing: 1
- DynamicTestKind_operating: 2
- DynamicTestKind_failed: 3

Control Profiles#

DNP3 commands can be translated to OpenFMB control profile messages.

There are three actions that can be specified for each point:

  • update: simply updates the current profile
  • clean_and_update: clears the current message and updates the value
  • publish: updates the current message and sends it to the message bus


Boolean values in control profiles can be mapped from DNP3 CROBs. A list of control codes is specified with the Boolean value it should be associated to.

The control codes are the following:

Control Codes
bool-field-type: mapped
command-source-type: crob # {none, crob}
profile-action: update # {update, clear_and_update, update_and_publish}
index: 0
- control_code: LATCH_ON
value: true
- control_code: LATCH_OFF
value: false

Int32, Int64, and Float#

Integer and floating point values can be mapped from Analog Output commands, with optional scaling.

float-field-type: mapped
command-source-type: analog_output # {none, analog_output}
profile-action: clear_and_update # {update, clear_and_update, update_and_publish}
index: 10
scale: 1


DNP3 Analog Output commands can be mapped to OpenFMB enums. A list of enumeration variants is provided with the source Analog Output value. If no match is found at runtime, the outstation will return NOT_SUPPORTED.

enum-field-type: mapped
command-source-type: analog_output # {none, analog_output}
profile-action: update_and_publish # {update, clear_and_update, update_and_publish}
index: 10
- name: StateKind_off
value: 0
- name: StateKind_on
value: 1
- name: StateKind_standby
value: 2

Schedule Parameters#

Schedule parameters are not currently supported.